Bereavement & COVID-19 Resources

  • Reflecting on Memories has many resources available for Chaplains, Hospital Staff and Bereavement Counselors to help families who have suffered a loss with the COVID-19 Pandemic or other loss. Our resources include personal tribute memorial websites that families can connect with hundreds of social media platforms to connecting each site for webcasting funeral services or Facebook Live, Zoom, Periscope and many others.  We are connecting families when it matters the most through a partnership with the  and the ElunaNetwork.orgWe can help you with a memorial website and link families with many E-Bereavement resources and caring chaplains.  Take a look at our many  resources or feel free to contact us at:  R[email protected]

  • Memorial Website Order Form

    Memorial Website Order Form

    Studies have shown that people who share memories of their loved ones heal faster.  During this COVID-19 crisis, people have put funerals on hold and through a partnership with the, we are bringing families together when it matters the most through our Memorial Websites.  Fill out the form completely and we can have your memorial website set up.

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  • Request For a Chaplain

    Request For a Chaplain

    There are a number of volunteer chaplains that have volunteered during this COVID-19 crisis who are willing to talk with you to provide answers as well as comfort and healing.  We do our best to connect you with a chaplain of your faith background if you wish.  To help us to better serve you, please complete the Request for a Chaplain Form completely. 

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