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Coming to terms with death is something we all have to do, but it is never easy.  During this Pandemic when people are isolated, losing a family member  and never given the the chance to say goodbye or even have a funeral or a celebration of life, grief is often even more intense and more complicated. 

The is connected to a nationwide network of professional and volunteer chaplains that are there for you.  Desmond Doss was the first Conscious Objector who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery as a medic for saving 75 men during WW2 at Hacksaw Ridge without ever firing a shot.  Desmond was a healer and the Desmond Doss Foundation is proud to carry on his legacy of Patriotism, Courage, Integrity, Conviction, Humility, Selflessness and Faith.

When you are ready to talk with someone with a caring heart we can help.  Fill out the Chaplain Request Form below and we can help.
Chaplain Request Form