Tribute Blankets

Reflecting On Memories can create these special tribute tapestry blankets for your loved one and have them set next day delivery.  Our Tribute Blankets are over 6' high and have over 8 miles of thread.  Many people like to drape a blanket over the casket or use on a stand for a Celebration of Life service.  

Healing Tribute Blankets

Chaplain Roger Rustad says, “Our life can be thought of as a tapestry, with all of our relationships and experiences woven together to make that which is “us”.  The image of your loved one is woven together with 6 individual colors; green, blue, red, gold, black and white.  When we are young, we are like the green thread, learning as we go through life experiences.  Later, the blue sky fills our lives.  In our prime, we progress and grow like the red thread and then we enter into the golden years.  In the end, the darkness gives way to the light during the final part of our journey."  Reflecting On Memories can create these beautiful, healing blankets, and have them sent next day delivery using your favorite photo(s).